Request for Architectural Review - Existing Home Modification

Request for Architectural Review
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Exterior Renovation




In the appropriate category below, check the items that you plan to include with this request. NOTE: All detailed drawings shall be no less than 1/4 inch scale including design, dimensions, and location.

PAINT NOTE: Color descriptions or manufacturer codes without color paint chips will be rejected.

activity Samples
Body color paint chip (file copy - non returnable) Y
Trim color paint chip (file copy - non returnable) Y
Stain color chip (file copy - non returnable) Y


activity Prints Approval By
Hardscaping material list, description, and location Y ACC
Request may affect existing irrigation system N/A Grounds
Request may affect lawn maintenance services N/A Grounds
Proposed material list (types and quantities) Y Grounds


activity Bldg. Permit Prints Samples
Roofing shingles - no descriptions or manufacturing codes Y N/A Y


activity Bldg. Permit Prints Samples
Stuctural alterations, additions, expansions Y Y N/A
Siding replacement (Wood based siding not permitted) Y N/A Y
Grading plan showing flow of surface water to drainage N/A Y N/A


Please add 1 attachment less than 2 MB. After submitting this form, an email group will be created between you and the architectural committee, where you can then attach as many more photos and documents as you'd like.

By clicking "Submit", I am agreeing that I have read Pointe Alexis Homeowners Association Covenants, Conditions, and Restrcitions (CC&Rs), and any other guidelines in effect as of this date, and understand the policies and requirements for modifications to the exterior of my property. I further understand and accpet that any variance from the items and colors approved on this request will result in immediate, total rework to meet the approved specifications, performed entirely at my own expense, without any recourse to the Pointe Alexis Homeowners Association.